Computers and other equipment

Computers Library patrons can use computers with Internet access free of charge in the Seinäjoki Public Library. Depending on a computer, they can be used from 15 minutes up to two hours. Printing costs 0,20 € per page. You can’t use CD-ROMs on the computers

Seinäjoki Public Library

…use the Internet and WLAN. You can listen to music or play digital piano or other instruments at the main library You can use RedFox Pro Online dictionaries in the library computers or from home with a password. You can have coffee or lunch at…

Suomioppi – learn Finnish at the library

Suomioppi is a service designed for learning Finnish. Finnish can be learned at the library by using a computer. At the Main Library patrons can use computers with access to language learning software and free Finnish courses online. There are also dictionaries and grammar books…

Borrowing and returning

…on the library’s computers and use Eepos Web Library. In the Internet service you can renew your loans and make reservations. The password is not given by phone or e-mail. Loan periods The loan period is usually 28 days. Below you can see the exceptions….