Borrowing and returning

…but other libraries can request interlibrary collections from the multilingual library. Contact your own library. Interlibrary loans Material not available in the library can be ordered from other libraries in Finland or abroad. The customer can order an interlibrary loan by filling out a form….

How to use the library

Photo: Mikko Lehtimäki Seinäjoki public library-provincial library consists of main library, Keski-Nurmo, Nurmo, Peräseinäjoki and Ylistaro libraries and mobile libraries. Seinäjoki is also a part of Eepos Libraries with 21 other municipalities. Libraries are open for all and anyone who will observe the library rules

CD-ROMs and other software

The language learning software can be used at the Main Library. Hyvin kuuluu! A book and a CD.A material for listening comprehension of Finnish for skill level B1. Listening exercises familiarize you with Finnish society, environment and culture. Different kinds of speaking situations and versatile…