The Collection of the library

Eepos web library

You can search the collection of the Seinäjoki Public Library in the Eepos web library. It’s possible, for example, to choose only books that are written in English. You can also make reservations and renew your loans with your library card number and PIN code.


There is a versatile collection of fiction from different genres, countries and periods of time. There is also a collection of books in other languages than Finnish, such as English, Swedish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian. You can also loan audiobooks in Swedish and in English.

Non-fiction books are mainly in Finnish. Non-fiction books in English are shelved according to their subjects with the Finnish books. Ask for help in finding them.

E-books are also available at Eepos e-book service. The majority of books is in Finnish but some of them are in English.

Newspapers and magazines

Seinäjoki Public library subscribes to almost 400 magazines and 60 newspapers. Most of them are in Finnish but there are about 40 volumes in other languages than Finnish.


You can borrow CDs, sheet music, music magazines, music DVDs, songbooks and other music books. You can listen to classical music, christmas carols, blues, jazz and music from movies in Naxos database. You’ll need your libary card number to log in.

Language courses

 You can learn Finnish or other languages by borrowing language courses from the library.


You can borrow movies for children, youth and adults. There are also TV series’ on DVD. Main part of the collection is on DVDs but some of the movies are on Blu-ray discs.

Board, computer and console games

You can play board games in the main library or borrow computer and console games to play at home.