How to use the library

Pääkirjasto Apilan aikuisten kirjasalin lukupöydät.

Photo: Mikko Lehtimäki

Seinäjoki public library-provincial library  consists of main library, Keski-Nurmo, Nurmo, Peräseinäjoki and Ylistaro libraries and mobile libraries. Seinäjoki is also a part of Eepos Libraries with 21 other municipalities. Libraries are open for all and anyone who will observe the library rules have the right to use their collections, services and public facilities. Eepos Libraries have a joint library system and customer register and the library card is valid on every unit.

Borrowing is free of charge and the customer is responsible for all material borrowed on his/her card. The loan period is usually 4 weeks. You can borrow books, magazines, e-books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, sheet music, audiobooks and language courses and read magazines and newspapers in the library.

The library personnel have the right to ask a person to leave if he/she disturbs other customers or creates disturbance in other ways. You can lose your user rights to a fixed term because of disturbing behaviour or not observing the library rules.