CD-ROMs and other software

The language learning software can be used at the Main Library.

Hyvin kuuluu! A book and a CD.
A material for listening comprehension of Finnish for skill level B1. Listening exercises familiarize you with Finnish society, environment and culture. Different kinds of speaking situations and versatile exercises.

Kuuntele ja opi suomea. 10 CDs
Learn Finnish by listening and repeating. Everyday situations such as greeting, shopping or setting up a meeting with someone. The help language is English. The CD box also includes a leaflet with basic expressions, grammar rules and vocabulary. Best suited for beginner level students.

Mitä kuuluu? Listening comprehension and pronunciation exercises. A book and a CD.
Exercises for practising Finnish pronunciation and listening comprehension. Contains exercises for all language levels. Help languages are English and Russian.

Osnovy finskogo. Finnish grammar. CD-ROM
Finnish grammar in Russian. The essential Finnish grammar is presented in detail in different kinds of charts. Doesn’t include exercises.

Suomi. Talk more. CD-ROM
With this program you can practice expressions and dialogues related to different everyday situations. Includes topics such as greeting, shopping and speaking on the phone. Help languages are English, Swedish, German, French and Russian. Best suited for beginners.

Valttikortit. CD-ROM
With this program you can practice vocabulary related to different everyday situations at home, school and free time. Includes different types of exercises: vocabulary, listening comprehension, reacting to situations and grammar. Best suited for students with previous knowledge of Finnish.

Valttikortit 100. CD-ROM.
With this program you can practice basic vocalbulary related to different everyday situations at home, at school or during spare time.