Both buildings of the Seinäjoki main library are architecturally noteworthy. There are 50 years between the completion of the buildings, so there are lots of differences but also similiarities. The Apila library is located so near to the famous Aalto centre that it has affected the design. There is no imitation, only respect and references to Aalto. Same materials are used in both buildings but in the Apila library they are used and interpreted in a new way.

  • Book shelves and book houses in Apila are made of pine. > In Aalto library the shelves are also made of pine.
  • A lot of untreated concrete is visible inside Apila, marks of the formwork are still visible in the concrete walls and ceilings. > The formwork is also visible in the ceiling of the adult’s lending department in Aalto library.
  • The facade of Apila is covered with copper. > The roof in Aalto library is also covered with copper.
  • The clocks in Apila resemble the clocks in the church tower.
  • The white wooden gratings inside Apila are typical for Aalto’s libraries.