Seinäjoki Public Library offers you a versatile collection of different kinds of materials. In addition to books, you can borrow movies, tv-series, audiobooks, music, magazines, games, e-books and e-audiobooks.

You´ll find the material of Seinäjoki Public Library in the Eepos Web Library. You can conduct searches by using the title, subject or the name of the author/composer/actor/singer/etc. You can also narrow the search by using for example the department, content type, language or year of publication. E-materials can be found on their own web services, the links are below. To use the e-materials you’ll need your library card number and the PIN code. If you don’t have a PIN code, you can get it from any Eepos library.

You can also order interlibrary loans from other Finnish libraries or use the services of the Multilingual library. Multilingual library’s task is to offer immigrants literature in their mother tongue. Multilingual collection has library items for adults, young people and children in approximately 60 languages.

Books and audiobooks

The library offers books to borrow for customers of all ages. You can borrow fiction for example in English, Swedish, German, Italian, Russian, French and Estonian. There is also non-fiction available in English to some extent.

There are also audiobooks for adults as well as children. The languages include English, Swedish, Russian and German.

E-books and e-audiobooks

There are e-books and e-audiobooks available in English and Swedish in Eepos e-book service. Naxos Spoken Word Library offers you e-audiobooks in English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. You need your library card number and PIN code to use these services.


The music collection includes material to listen, play, sing, read and watch. You can borrow sheet music, CDs, karaoke DVDs, biographies on musicians, songbooks and even a ukulele!


Naxos Music Library includes mainly classical music while Naxos Music Library Jazz offers a wide collection of jazz music. You can use both of these on computers or on mobile devices (Android and iOs). You’ll need your library card number to log in.

Movies and tv series

You’ll find something to watch for the whole family. There are movies, documents, music and tv series to borrow. You can browse them at the Eepos Web Library. You can narrow the search for example by language or department.

If you want to watch movies online, you can use Kirjastokino. The user interface is only in Finnish and Swedish, but there are lots to watch with audio in English. Pick what you want to watch, click Katso (watch) and choose Eepos-kirjastot from the drop-down menu (valitse kirjasto). You’ll need to provide the number of your library card (kirjastokortin tunnus) and the PIN code (pin-koodi).


Digital games

Check the web library for digital games. There are games in different formats, for example for PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. You can narrow the search by the device. The age limits of the games are being obeyed.

Board games

Browse the board games in the web library. You can narrow the search by language. There are also board games to be played at the library (main library, Nurmo and Peräseinäjoki libraries).

Language courses

There are lots of language courses available for learning for example Finnish. There are also dictionaries to borrow.

Other things to borrow

Libraries are known for lending books, CDs, DVDs or even board games. Nowadays you can check out ukuleles, grills, plastic sleds, season tickets, trash pickers, tennis rackets, kettle bells and more.