…mobile libraries. Number of staff in the whole library is about 55 persons. The new library Apila is only a part of the main library. The whole main library consists of two buildings: the new Apila and the old main library designed by Alvar Aalto….

Library buildings

Buildings of the Seinäjoki main library – Apila and Aalto Both buildings of the Seinäjoki main library are architecturally noteworthy. There are 50 years between the completion of the buildings, so there are lots of differences but also similiarities. The Apila-library is located so near…

Opening hours and contact information

Seinäjoki Public Library Main library Apila library Alvar Aallon katu 14, P.O.B. 217 60100 Seinäjoki Tel. +358 6 416 2318 Fax +358 6 416 2315 kirjasto(at)seinajoki.fi Location on a map Winter time opening hours Mon 9–20 (Self-service 9–10) Tue–Fri 9–19 (Self-service 9–10) Sat 9–15 (Self-service…


…the main library together with the Apila building. Arts, architecture, history, ethnology as well as regional collection are situated in the Aalto-library. There is also a small collection of Nordic juvenile and children’s literature and books on literary research (juvenile and children’s literature). The two…

Seinäjoki Public Library

…WLAN. You can listen to music or play digital piano or other instruments at the main library You can use RedFox Pro Online dictionaries in the library computers or from home with a password. You can have coffee or lunch at the main library Apila….